MIT representation at Swiss Alumni Conference

22 Sep. 2016

The University of Zürich, together with other public Swiss universities, held a symposium to explore ideas to increase engagement with their alumni. They invited representatives from MIT, Harvard, and Stanford to share their experiences with the audience. With our President Art Funkhouser’s support, Jonathan Claman represented MIT on the panel discussion called “The Alumni Spirit of Giving Back”. We had an engaging conversation, comparing the collegiate experience at Swiss and US-universities, during and after one’s education.

Is it the difficulty of being accepted into an elite university that builds the alumni connection? Compare that to the Swiss elite model, where nearly everyone is accepted, but it is very difficult to stay enrolled. Differences also abound in campus-provided living arrangements, the existence of sports teams and school spirit, and of course in the number of administrators chartered with building alumni relationships. Certainly there are no black-and-white answers, but it made for a thought-provoking evening.

University of Zurich write up (in German only)
Jonathan Claman