Illusoria Museum & AGM

28 Mar. 2009

The rain came down, and the Illusoria-Land was beginning to seem an illusion even before I arrived! Where IS this place?? Then, after having trudged from the railway station for ca. 10 minutes I beheld the guardian angel, Eva, standing under the heavenly protection of an umbrella, waiting patiently outside.

The AGM was held in the Trattoria Penotal Magica restaurant of the Libo Center (near Bern). It was confirmed that a quorum was in attendance, so the meeting was legal. Like most AGMs I’ve attended in Switzerland it was a rigged affair: A few questions about statutes and finances, but all rather pleasant and of course everyone accepted more or less everything, including the (s)election of the new Board.

The visit to the Illusoria-Land was fascinating: There were several rooms of sculptures and paintings much in the style of M.C. Escher, and taken beyond, of impossible realities and optical illusions created by Sandro De-Prete, who in fact was our guide. There was also the “Dis-orientation Tunnel”, in which you were absolutely certain that you were being forced against the wall as you walked through the five-meter tube – which of course you were not. Our guide in the “Black Castle” was in fact a totally blind person, but whose personality was illuminating as he guided us through waterfalls and forests inside the totally dark labyrinth – even to a jungle bar! And the only remaining holography exhibition has bits where you were sure you were looking behind the subject as well as in front! All in all, a super outing, and thanks to Donald for organizing it.

Howard Hornfeld