Annual Bike Tour

11 Jun. 2011

This year, the annual bike tour took place on the weekend of 11-12 June. It was already the 6th for the MIT Club, but the very first one for me. I was looking forward to it, as I hadn’t been on a bicycle for quite some time. Our trip took us around the beautiful Lake Lugano which was a very relaxing setting: we were surrounded by pristine water, palm trees, cool breeze. At the first few turns, we paused and rested a bit to wait for everyone to catch up, but they were also wonderful opportunities to take in the beauty of the lake. On the way to the lunch location, Ponte Tresa, a couple of us were separated from the rest of the gang and got a bit lost, but that only added to the sense of adventure. After lunch, we went back onto the bikes and headed to Campione. We enjoyed a hearty, guilt-free dinner together over some good wine and conversation. The next morning, we took a hike – due to the fact that the originally planned path was closed, knowledge of the Italian language became useful in finding an alternative way. The final stretch of the biking route back to the Lugano railway station involved quite some ups-and-downs, which put a sweaty but satisfying end to the trip.

James Lu