Bike Tour around Lake Geneva

18 May. 2013

The 8th Annual MIT Club Bike Tour started early on Saturday, May 18th at Bellerive Plage in
Lausanne with a forecast of cold rain. Notwithstanding, the group set off in good spirits with
Michael Helke leading the pack towards Nyon and Jill Helke following with sustenance and
luggage in a car.

01 IMG_3345

Over two days of riding from Lausanne counter-clockwise around the lake, only a bit of rain was encountered, but gorgeous views, great food and interesting conversations were abound. The night was spent in Excenevex, France, with views of the alpine peaks of Dent d’Oche and Château d’Oche
from the lake.

06 P1410886

The group stopped on Sunday in Évian, for a picture at the same spot as one from the 1st Annual Bike Tour, which took the same path but clockwise around the lake.

09 IMG_1036

After an arduous climb from Montreux to Lausanne, the tired crew celebrated their accomplishment and parted ways at the SBB.

12 IMG_1042

Next year’s tour will take the group around Lake Constance. Mark your calendars for June 7-8, 2014!

Jeanne Tomaszewski