Annual Thanksgiving Dinner

29 Nov. 2014

This was the 4th time that Bublu and her family generously hosted the Swiss MIT Thanksgiving. Over 40 people attended, and in Bublu’s own words, “the event gets bigger every year, but strangely, our apartment stays the same size. There is surely some scientific explanation for this!” There were recent graduates as well as some who received their degrees over 40 years ago. In addition to the Zurich folks, several came from Basel, Geneva or Lausanne. Needless to say, nationalities were represented from all over the world. As in past years, the potluck method resulted in a table full of diverse selections, including of course a huge turkey, as well as delicious side dishes and decadent deserts.


Our Thanksgiving celebrations and are becoming a real (expat) tradition for the Club. Special thanks to Martin and Bublu’s family for organizing, and to our members for making it a warm and memorable experience!


Jonathan Claman