Day hike in the Jura

06 Sep. 2015

On 6 September the local Geneva-area group organised a day hike up to the Reculet, formerly the highest point of the Jura mountain range. It is “formerly” the highest point because in 2003, another peak was reassessed to be a few meters higher which just beat out the Reculet. Despite this, the Reculet remains one of the most popular hikes in the Parc naturel régional du Haut-Jura due to its accessibility and the incredible view at the summit which we reached after a steep but fairly easy 2.5 hour hike. From the peak, we were able to see nearly the whole of Lac Léman, from Geneva through to Lausanne and around the curve of the lake to Montreux.


Across the lake, we were treated with an unusual view of the Mont Blanc above the clouds which gave the impression that it was magically floating just above Geneva! (click on the picture for full size photo)


After our lunch, we took another route to go down that was less strenuous but equally as scenic.


Many thanks to David Lopez Mateos for guiding us on this hike. We hope to organise more local area hikes in the future.
Makoto Ikeda