Eleventh Annual Bike Tour – Lake Thun and Lake Brienz

14 May. 2016

Despite a gloomy forecast, the 11th annual Whitsun Weekend bike tour drew out a large crowd of eager cyclers, with more joining throughout the day on Saturday. This year the group started out from Thun and completed a scenic figure-eight circuit around Lake Thun and Lake Brienz. Saturday morning started out with a climb along the west side of Lake Thun, followed by a drenching downpour as we continued towards Interlaken. I think our Club were the only bikers determined enough to be on the road, wrapped up in raingear and braving the deluge. On the “bright” side, the splashes from passing traffic made absolutely no difference to our level of wetness. We stopped for lunch in Interlaken and then headed out along the north coast of Lake Brienz. The sun peeked out for our afternoon ride, and we started to see the beautiful mountains surrounding us. We arrived perfectly timed at the Brienzerburli hotel – just before the second rain shower. Although the initially planned lakeside restaurant was closed, the group enjoyed a hearty and happy meal together in the hotel restaurant.

Sunday began with a challenging but rewarding climb up to the waterfall at Giessbach. Our route was much quieter away from the main roads and through the woods. The weather was dry and we enjoyed dramatic views of the mountains as the clouds broke. A few of us visited Jeremy’s bike shop as we passed through Interlaken again before lunch in Neuhaus. We started out on the last leg of our trip along the east side of Lake Thun alternating getting sprinkled by the water coming off the mountain and passing through tunnels. By-and-by we all made it back to Thun and it was time to say goodbyes and pack away our bikes into cars or onto trains. It was an enjoyable weekend – a big thank you to Michael for organizing, Jeremy for guiding, and Tony for driving the chase car!

Maria Tou