Hike to the 150-peak-panorama

23 Sep. 2006

On Saturday September 23rd, a small group of MIT alumni with family friends met in the tiny village of Melchnau, located half-way between Zurich and Bern, for a day of relaxed walking in nature. The group was smaller than planned due to some last-minute cancellations, but the spirit of those who participated, including one very enthusiastic dog, more than made up for it.

We started the tour just before 10am and set out for a round-trip through the fields, passing wooden farm houses along the way. After about one third of the way, we ascended a hill peak located deep in a forest with a watch tower that surpassed the surrounding trees and (according to the plan) was to give us a splendid view of 150 alpine peaks in a single panorama. Unfortunately, the weather was still too misty, so we could only imagine those snow-covered peaks. After passing through another forest with incredibly tall trees, lovely hills, pastures and farms, we came to the much anticipated fireplace, where we prepared a grilled lunch. The weather was very good throughout the day, and we arrived in Melchnau again at about 4pm. Some of us stayed for coffee/beer, and then we parted after a pleasant and sunny day. We already had conversations about upcoming events for the club, which should hopefully be announced in the not too distant future.

Martin Hahn

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