Hike Weekend Zermatt

30 Aug. 2013


This year’s labor-day hike weekend took us to one of the must-see destinations of Switzerland: Zermatt and the Matterhorn. On the first day, a group of a dozen hikers – the oldest of which was well over 70 – rode the rack rail train (Zahnradbahn) to the 5-lake route. This trail winds on for 4 hours, always with a view of the mountain. No photo can do full justice to this iconic peak, rising in splendid isolation above the village, undiminished by the tourist hordes who come to admire the emblem of Switzerland. We definitely earned our dinners back in the valley, expertly chosen to showcase Swiss cuisine: meat grilled over open fireplaces, Rösti, Raclette and local wines. The second day took us even higher, to the Gornergrat observation platform, from which Donald pointed out the country’s highest mountains, as well as the remarkable Monte Rose Hütte, designed by ETH for zero emissions. The weather was kind to us, not too hot, but sunny. Thank you to Donald Tillman for another one of his perfectly-organized events, which managed to lead us from highlight to highlight.

Bublu Thakur-Weigold