IBM Research Center visit, Rüschlikon

25 Jun. 2010

We started with a charming lunch at Restaurant Moosegg in Rüschlikon. A brief walk brought us to the to the IBM Research Lab, which is located in a rural residential area that overlooks Lake Zürich.

Dr. Dieter Jaepel started the presentation with an overview of IBM Research Zürich. The lab employs over 320 people, representing more than 30 nationalities. One example in the area of computational science is the application to the biotechnology area, which explores protein folding through simulations of potential bindings. Dr. Rolf Allenspach, who leads research on the physics of nanoscale systems provided a fascinating overview of the current research focus in this area. Nanotechnology is found in three categories (accidental, passive, and active nanotechnology). IBM Zurich is taking the lead in nanowire devises, in which silicon is grown to be ultra-thin and uniform. Following this intriguing presentation, we went on a tour of Industry Solutions Lab data center, including supercomputers used in the computational sciences. Overall, it was an absorbing tour of IBM and various cutting edge technologies.

Sheila Ohlund