Leisure cycle ride from Winterthur

06 Sep. 2015

Tony Quayle, one of the Club’s most experienced cyclists, had the idea for a one-day ride, to offer the chance for some people to get on their bikes who aren’t able to commit to the Club’s annual weekend ride. The route next to the Töss river is one of the flattest rides in Switzerland, with wide cycle paths, quaint villages, and typical Swiss countryside scenery.


Our ride this year started out with a bit of rain and a very slight gradual uphill, but fortunately things dried up after about an hour. We had a coffee break in Turbental, ate lunch in Bauma, and then turned around to return to Winterthur enjoying the gradual downhill that we had earned on the way out. 12 people including 3 children participated, including several new faces as well as many of the Club’s regular participants. It was a great pleasure and we all finished in good spirits looking forward to another fun event soon.

Jonathan Claman