Logitech Talk, Lab Tour, and Q&A with CTO

25 May. 2018

Logitech, the premier company of computer, gaming, and video peripherals based right here in Switzerland, opened its doors to twenty-one MIT alumni and their guests. The CTO and Site Leader, Mr Jean-Michel Chardon presented the company giving its history, a view of their product areas, and an indication of their plans for the future. Although Logitech consists of 7000 employees in over 30 countries, there are only 300 employees based in the Lausanne headquarters of which 80 are in R&D and 80 are in sales & marketing. A major portion of the total is 120 interns from the EPFL next door which indicates the importance of the close relationship with the university.


The company originally targeted for the production of well-engineered products, but with increasing competition and the introduction of a new CEO, the focus of the company changed toward the design of products. Since the change in focus five years ago, Logitech has won over 200 design awards and has greatly increased sales. Its long-term strategy is to become a company that “Designs as a behaviour”.


We visited several testing labs for quality assurance and were shown special test platforms to prove that their devices are capable of being on the leading edge of performance. An interesting example was a wireless mouse that was preferred by the top gamers in the world.


We would like to thank Mr Chardon and his team for giving us an insider view of an innovative company.

Makoto Ikeda