MIT Sloan Speaker Series: Innovation at DuPont

12 Sep. 2013

On Thursday 12th September, a group of 20 MIT alumni and friends gathered at DuPont in Meyrin, just outside Geneva, for an exclusive visit of the DuPont Geneva Innovation Center led by MIT alumni Simone Arizzi.


The DuPont Geneva Innovation Center brings collaborators from across the region to explore how innovation can impact some of the key challenges facing the world today including those related to food and energy security, as well as automotive and construction. The group had an opportunity to see real-life examples of DuPont innovation in industries like automotive, cosmetics, industrial and food packaging, construction and sporting goods.


As DuPont’s Technology and Innovation Director EMEA, Simone Arizzi has deep experience in leading highly innovative projects. He holds a chemical engineering degree from the ETH in Zürich, and a Ph.D. in chemical engineering from MIT.

Esmeralda Megally