Snow Shoe Hike

09 Feb. 2013

6 MIT alums met in Montreux on 9 February for the Club’s first ever snow shoe trip. From Montreux, the group took the cog-wheel train up to Haut-de-Caux. The first stage of the hike was about 2 hours, followed by a short break at a scenic point for some snacks. The weather was quite cooperative at first, but as we ascended up the mountain the snow became very deep due to the previous week’s snow storms. After a couple more hours of fighting the deep snow, the group reluctantly decided to turn back before reaching the planned summit, as the conditions appeared more treacherous with each step. Fortunately the descent was quite speed, and the group was able to rest and enjoy some warm drinks and conversation. The hike ended with gorgeous afternoon sun; a very pleasant welcome back to our starting point. Despite the challenges offered by the deep snow, it was a successful and fun event, thanks to Anna’s organization.

(James Lu)