Student Sendoff

07 Jul. 2013

For a small country like Switzerland, each student is a significant addition to our community.
All the more important to send them off to MIT with good cheer.
Over 20 alums, including one who came in from Germany for the event, celebrated our new admits on a sunny weekend in July.
The celebrating typically began with the setup, as the early arrivals “tested” the champagne, and festooned the house with MITAA posters and balloons (my neighbors are getting used to this annual event).
This year, our group included a UN official, 2 professors, a green entrepreneur, a banker, a pre-schooler, plus the usual collection of engineers, scientists, poets, and prophets.
We toasted to their future, and look forward to welcoming the newly-admitted students back as alumni in the future.

Bublu Thakur-Weigold


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