Student Send-Off, Zurich

13 Aug. 2011

When Michael and the admissions office asked me to host a sendoff for this year’s admitted students, as an enthusiastic educational counselor, how could I say no? Small countries like Switzerland traditionally have no more than a handful of admits, and I believe we should congratulate and take pride in every one of them. I knew that MIT shared our commitment to the new students, but I was still surprised to receive a package with an assortment of MIT- branded napkins, name tags, balloons, posters, and folding Frisbees! Of the 5 graduate students admitted this year, Patrick Blonigan and Rachel Horovitz joined us (the remaining 3 had already left for Cambridge). The spirit of our sendoff was definitely made by the alums: Viara, Nida with Hasan, Martin, and Ariane who came all the way from Heidelberg. Together, we watched the sun go down and shared the excitement of new MIT students and future alums. Let’s make the sendoff into an annual tradition!

Bublu Thakur-Weigold