Visit of Durchmesserlinie & AGM

02 Apr. 2011

The “Durchmesserlinie” project will enable trains to traverse Zurich rather than enter the main station and reverse direction and leave the same way they came. While at present long distance trains calling at Zurich have to go around the periphery of the city, in future they will be able to pass through the centre directly more or less. These two factors will significantly shorten travel times.

In conjunction with this year’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) we toured a part of the project, the construction site under the existing station. At the time of our visit the excavation work was well under way. We walked through cavernous spaces that will become the future through station. At the conclusion of the visit a member of our group asked our excellent guide from the SBB, why the very similar Stuttgart 21 project was giving rise to so much controversy, while the Durchmesserlinie was proceeding smoothly. Without batting an eyelash he said that by the time a project like this begins in Switzerland all opposi-tions have been taken into account, and, secondly, he mentioned the effect of staging infrastructure projects in a way that allows existing operations to go on with little or no hin-drance. And indeed throughout our visit trains were coming and going on the tracks immediately above us. After the visit most of us proceeded to lunch at the main station followed by the Club’s AGM (see the minutes previously sent).

Michael Helke