Visit of Solar Impulse facilities with Susan Hockfield

27 Jan. 2009

A major highlight! 40 members of the Club had the opportunity to visit the Solar Impulse facilities. Unfortunately, up to 80 wanted to come, but we had to cut at 40. André Borschberg, the CEO of the company and co-pilot together with Bertrand Piccard, gave us vision and showed us how to make impossible things happen.

The following Apero and speech by MIT President Susan Hockfield translated the visions to the real world, showing how MIT massively invests successfully towards solving the energy and cancer challenge. And Prof. Dave Marks concluded with talking about the ongoing collaborations of MIT abroad.

My personal take home message from the event: Walk the ridge upwards and strive for the summit. And: The MIT Club is a fantastic platform for our members. We could achieve much more attention.

Donald Tillman

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