Executive Committee

Art Funkhouser (President)

artAfter my 1962 graduation from MIT (BS, physics) I worked in side-looking radar research at Univ. of Mich. where I received an MSE in Elect. Eng. Subsequently, I worked as a research associate at the (then) Bureau of Standards (now the NIST) outside Wash., DC, where we calibrated laser wavelengths in terms of the (then) standard of length (a krypton 86 wavelength at standard operating conditions). That being the hippie era, I became interested in Jungian psychology and that brought me to Switzerland (in 1973) for my training in psychotherapy (and some roots research since I have a Swiss last name!). In parallel, I completed a PhD in digital photography under Prof. Wolfgang Berg at the ETH. After moving to Bern in 1981, I worked 12 years in ophthalmology (programming for the Octopus automated perimeter) while building up my practice as a therapist. I have three children and four grandchildren (at last count). In addition to my work with clients, I lead a seminar in dreamwork at the C. G. Jung Institute each semester and an ongoing dream group each month. My hobbies include dream and déjà vu research and competitive table tennis.

Makoto Ikeda (Communications Officer)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI came to Switzerland in 1985 as a graduate student in the field of particle physics at CERN. After only one month I had decided that Switzerland would be my future home so I was fortunate to work in many fields whether it was a research postdoctorate or a stint with an NGO, startup, or multinational. I rejoiced when I became a fellow citizen of the land of Guillaume Tell and Henri Dunant! But my links with MIT still remain as I have kept in touch with old classmates from the past and made new friends in this club. In my spare time I enjoy biking, hiking, and as all good Swiss citizens do, playing in the local band.

Duane Hudgins(Event Coordinator)

duaneAfter receiving my SM in Course 2 from MIT in 2008 I headed to Switzerland with the goal of seeing more of Europe and the world. I expected to have an enjoyable, yet temporary stay here followed by a move to somewhere new. Like many fellow expats my short stay turned into a long one as I fell in love with this country and its ways. Since then, I’ve worked as a thermodynamics engineer and project manager both as an employee and a consultant. 4 years ago I started my PhD at ETH Zürich in the Laboratory for Energy Conversion. Within the Applied Laser Plasma Science group at the LEC my work has focused on applications of high powered lasers and fluid dynamics. In my free time I enjoy reading, learning the guitar, and playing Go (Baduk).

Jonathan Claman (Secretary)

claman headshotSwitzerland has been my home since 2001. Before that I spent 7 years in Silicon Valley, and prior to that I was at MIT for 5 years, earning SB and SM degrees in Course 6. My close friendships from MIT have persisted over the years despite a wide geographic dispersion, and I’m glad to have met so many interesting new MIT-affiliated people through the Club here in Switzerland. My work has primarily focused on the intersection of video and computer networking, which most recently has seen me running the product management team at Internet TV provider Zattoo, and before that had me working at numerous vendors of CableTV, Satellite, and IPTV technologies. Outside of work, I enjoy running, biking, hiking, skiing, and cooking, and of course doing all of these fun activities with my wife and 3 kids.

Frederic Chambour (Treasurer)

Born in Bern Switzerland, I completed my studies between Bern and Lausanne. Following my pilot training in the Florida, USA and Switzerland, I joined the regional carrier Crossair in Basel as a motivated fellow copilot. Shortly after being promoted as Captain, I joined the operations’ management staff. A growing interest in management and leadership sciences overcame my passion for flying and thus, brought me in London to complete a Master in air transport Management at the City University. Following my graduation, I worked for various companies controlling, selling, chartering or operating aircraft. After about five years, as my wife was attending a postgraduate course in Boston I decided to join her and accomplish what I was contemplating since a few years: a more general business education, an MBA. That’s when I visited the Sloan Fellows Program and graduated in 2011. Thereafter we returned to Bern, Switzerland where I was nominated COO for a regional start up airline and pursued new entrepreneurial projects. I joined the MIT Club of Switzerland at the occasion of the 2011-12 AGM and was elected Deputy Auditor at the 2012-13 AGM.

Nicolas Haenni (Auditor)

Life started to settle down after having often moved during my childhood. From boarding school in the German part of the Valais to graduating at the ETH in Zürich, I encountered in my first jobs the world of information exchange and beginnings of the Internet (if Mosaic should mean something to you). Having built one of the first delayed stock quoting systems for the Internet, my then employer assured me that the Internet was a fad doomed to fail with no future whatsoever. Clearly, our vision of the future was diverting. I opted for the fad and enrolled in the MIT Sloan School during the excitement of the dot-com bubble and my employer awaiting the terror of Y2K (we survived). Returning from the MIT I joined our club and have been working in various organizations (private, government and start-up) related to the exciting and transforming domain of e-Government.

Hans Hagenbuch (Deputy Auditor)

Born and grown up in Basel I graduated in Electrical Engineering at EPUL Lausanne and ETH Zurich. After that I joined IBM as a computer salesman with the goal to earn the funds for an MBA as fast as possible – at a dollar rate of 3.50 to the Swiss Franc an expensive exercise. I opted for the “accelerated program” at MIT’s Sloan school which packed the full two year program in one calendar year. Later I went back to IBM in Paris, Zurich and Basel, eventually as branch manager. The thinking in probabilities from MIT and the salesmanship from IBM guided my entire professional career. At the age of 40 I got hired by the owning families to become CEO of Zellweger Uster, a Swiss conglomerate. After a short “visiting performance” as CEO with ATT/NCR (Switzerland) I became CEO of Messe Schweiz in Basel, the 10th largest venue in Europe with particular exposure to the watch and jewelry industry. More and more I learnt to admire the real entrepreneurs, the start-up people, the craftsmen, and became a business angel, a few years as president of Business Angels Schweiz. I co-founded several companies and invested in a few more. One of them, almost fully owned by me, a software company in the field of records management/archiving has gained, though still small, a respectable market position in Europe. Having reached retirement age I substitute my professional duties with voluntary functions in the Swiss Mountain Aid, environment and animal protection. I live in Arlesheim/BL, am married, and have two daughters, one of them living in the US, and three grandchildren.