About Us

Introductory letter from our past president:

Dear members and friends

The MIT Club of Switzerland provides numerous opportunities for MIT alumni in Switzerland to interact socially, personally and professionally with other alumni.

We are an incredibly diverse group of people, in terms of backgrounds, nationalities, professions, ages, and interests. Some of us are here only for a few years, others have lived here all their lives. Together, this makes for a unique and stimulating group. And our gender mix of the active members is far more balanced than our overall statistics would suggest.

Our activities are broad-ranging from technical to social and cultural and take place in various locations across Switzerland. Regular (and popular) activities include our annual bike tour around one of Switzerland’s lakes in May/June, the mountain hike in the fall, and the informal gatherings in Zurich throughout the year. In addition, there have been countless unique events over the years, including talks by distinguished MIT professors, visits to places of interest (often with dedicated tour hosts who provide inside perspectives), and more. Our club is also connected with other alumni clubs and organizations, such as the annual Joint Alumni Conference.

We are relying on our members to suggest activities and to help us plan them. You will get as much out of the club as you put in. We look forward to hearing from you, and to broaden the base of active members! Please let us know what you like to get from this club and – if possible – how you would like to contribute.

Martin Hahn