Q1: Who can organize events?
A: Any club member is welcome to do so. Please contact us, and we will be happy to help and support you. We regularly rely on our members to enrich the club’s activities.

Q2: What kinds of events and locations are you looking for?
A: Anything interesting, special and perhaps timely (for example our past visit to CERN, where we visited the installations 100m below the ground just before they were closed up). Our members have a diverse range of interests (technical, social, cultural, etc), so we are open to your ideas.

Q3: What if I have an idea for an event, but no/little time to organize it?
A: That is still ok. Let’s discuss your idea, and we will think about ways to make it happen.

Q4: What if I have some time to organize events but am lacking ideas?
A: Great. Let’s talk, we have a number of things we could do.

Q5: What is the procedure for notifying the club members?
A: The event is posted to the site by the webmaster. Depending on their individual settings, club members also receive automatic notifications by email.

Q6: Who writes the event post?
A: The organizer prepares a draft and sends it to the Club’s Event Coordinator, who provides some feedback (where applicable) and takes care of posting it.

Q7: What should be included in the event post?
A: A suitable heading, date, starting time, approximate duration, location, description, why it is interesting (important!), some logistical info (how to get to the place), and a deadline by when members should RSVP and how many people (spouses / family members) will be joining them and if they will be joining event+lunch or event only (see below). Your contact details are not included, since the posts are publically visible on the website. Here is a template for an event flyer.

Q8: What is the procedure for communicating with club members prior to the event?
A: An event post will always contain the contact email to our Event Coordinator (events@mitclub.ch), who will forward any responses to the organizer. The organizer can then get in touch with those people who registered their participation, or who came back with questions.

Q9: What about cancelling an event due to unforeseen circumstances?
A: This happens only very rarely. The organizer should immediately contact the Event Coordinator, who will then decide about the best course of action.

Q10: What else should the organizer think about?
A: Oftentimes, an event is combined with a meal in a nearby restaurant, taking place either before or after the event. This is a nice way for members to get to know each other, and to enjoy a social club atmosphere. The post should offer people to join the event and the lunch, or the event only. Also, a key element of any event is the list of participants. It is not only required for the organisation itself, but enables the participants to keep in touch beyond the conclusion of the event.

Q11: What is the ideal day for an event?
A: Best are Saturdays (or weekends, for overnight events), but we have also had events on other days, especially if there is no other way to do so (for example our past trip to IBM Research, which was on a Friday).

Q12: How long in advance should I start planning an event?
A: It depends on the complexity of the event. But we encourage you to start as early as possible to think about all relevant factors, such as booking restaurants, etc.

Q13: Can members bring their families to events?
A: Absolutely. It does depend somewhat on the nature of the event and the duration/intensity. But even for our annual bike tour or mountain hike, we regularly have families participating.

Q14: Can members bring friends to events?
A: That’s fine. If there is a limit on the number of participants, then club members have a priority.