Member Benefits

The MIT Club of Switzerland offers a wide range of benefits to its members:

  1. A diverse set of events:
    • In the past, we have visited some truly amazing places and events (technical, cultural, nature, social, business, and more). We always find new destinations throughout Switzerland. Our events are generally planned to suit any of our members, including many family-friendly events. Many of our events are hosted/organized by fellow alumns who provide us with unique insight views and guided tours.
    • In addition to ad-hoc organized events, we have a number of regular ones, some of which have become classics, such as the annual Whitsun bike tour (around a lake in Switzerland) or the mountain hike in September. Last year we started a Thanksgiving dinner, which hopefully will become another annual tradition. We also have regional activities where alumni meet on a regular basis.
  2. Be part of an exciting community and connect with other MIT graduates in Switzerland.
  3. Stay connected with MIT.
  4. Opportunities to engage: You don’t become a leader by listening to presentations. You become one by engagement. The club offers plenty of positions where you can bring in your talent and your inspiration for others. By being a coach for MIT applicants, by organizing events, by sharing your ideas with others, by offering your know-how to others.

But remember: You only get as much out of the Club as you invest into the Club. We look forward to hearing from members who have ideas for events and/or who would like to help organize.